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“Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling clementine”, the song went off in low pitched baritone and later moved to high toned soprano. Haba, wetin person no go see for naija. Na by force to sing?
Was at the car park one early tuesday morning, looking for a bus to take me to Enugu state. You know all this bus services, at this early hour there was so much activity. After finally paying the bus fare and securing a seat for myself, this monkey………. sorry man was annoying me with his song.
Sorry oh, I know I dont know I dont have a good voice, but at least I shut my mouth or hum the song if I must sing. But this was outrageous, such a beautiful song, murdered by this man. I turned back to look at the offending party, (at least he was offending me) and frowned my face. He smiled at me and i saw rows of brown teeth, with a chewing stick in there. Imagine, upon the chewing sticks wey the man don chew the teeth still brown, what if him no chew anystick, Hia! the teeth for black finish.
Me i carried my face away sha, I had sounded my warning. I put my earphones on my ears and turned the volume to the loudest &listened to more appealing songs. This fine chick entered &sat beside yours truly &mehn at a glance the girl fine. But on closer observation, the girl looked suspicious. I actually didnt care much about the clothes, so my concentration was on the hair. The hair looked like something out of “Wannabe Magazine”, so I stopped looking. I was really tempted to yank off the hair and check if it was a wig, but I really didnt want to go all the way to Enugu with curses from the girl……
The story is to be continued, find out the experience the writer eventually passed through during the journey. The normal naija palava. The writer tells the story of the average nigerian and what we pass through everyday..


Comments on: "Journey into the heart of a Nigerian" (1)

  1. The writer is just the girl next door. Nothing extraordinary about her. She lives the life you live. Enjoy

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