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On Saturday the 8th, World Weekly™ announced Facebook™ would shutdown its site on March 15, never to appear online again. They claimed that running Facebook™ had ruined Mark Zuckerberg’s life, and so he announced the end of the social network to World Weekly in a private phone interview. Apart from closing the website, that user photos, notes, links, and videos would be permanently erased”. . . After reading these words, my head started banging like I’m receiving a major part of Facebook’s revenues. How they go just close the thing like that? Different reactions from shock to disbelief, then to annoyance & even hurt (yes! HURT). I thought “If he’s tired, he should just sell the thing na”. Imagine an Internet without a Facebook™. But the point is not to tell you something you’ve probably heard already, but to discuss it. Zuck as I fondly call him, said in a telephone interview with World Weekly™ that and I quote “Facebook™ got out of hand” wait my own wahala is how will something that has earned the young man millions of dollars get out of hand, money wey we dey hustle for daily? But after sitting down to look at it I finally saw a reason with him even though it was annoying, it made me see nobleness in him. Facebook™ wasn’t created to handle fame and fortune, ’twas created for fun, and on a small scale base, more like an online university yearbook, and all of a sudden became the worlds largest social network, running over Yahoo™ like a Mack™ truck runs over a deer on the highway. As Facebook™ grew, issues grew with it and of all the issues, security was a major problem both internet security and real life security. ‘‘Everything’’ became a facebooker, from perverts, to rapists, drug dealers, serial killers, and so on and everyone of them out to seek and get their hands on unsuspecting victims.
The point is, when we are making money we should be conscious, that even though our pockets get fat,it doesn’t affect and influence the world negatively, that, I might have to say put Zuck in his current position, he’s making the money quite alright but weekly different crimes are committed via Facebook™, or with Facebook™ involved directly or indirectly, and even though his money is right, his creation is getting faulty, hence the decision to shut down the site. Lastly, we never know the VALUE of what we have until we have lose it. Let’s make sure that we all use our Facebook™ accounts for meaningful things. So i say download your pictures, keep your links, get your things intact as we wait for the dreaded date, and need I say, enjoy a Facebook™ less internet, we may all have to return to Hi5™ someday.


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