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Your the one to which mine beats to,in response to your lovely tune.
We’re human in two, my twin whom i speak to.
I remember when we raced, aiming for the waiting egg, eager to set ablaze.
I didnt look at your face, i was praying for grace.
How we hit it at once, your aura, your rave,
i knew we were both safe.
The other racers were dazed,
you?, you were amazed.
I saw it in your face,
the race was a craze.

The rest of our days,
9months we whiled away,
exhausted all in play,
till mother felt the pains.
I pushed, you pushed,
we were confused,
we peeped & I was amused,
while you were bemused.
I retreated & then you ensued.
I heard screams while mom pushed
& the nurses shooed.

Now we are all grown up, ur ready to be tied down.
I’m left with memories of, ur really lovely gown.
You’re trying it at the bridal shop, I’m wishing time was unwound.
I would get you extra lollipops, hold you those times you fell to the ground. All over again we’ll hop, chatting so loud.
Want again to stay with you,
hope you feel the same way too,
cos forever and always i love you &i want the best for you.



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