I always have something unimportant to say. This is Artitude…. Live it. Poems….. Stories…. Writing…. Discoveries…. Quotes……

The day I started the journey of the rest of my life…..

That day was a clear and bright day.
A day with many a sunny ray.
I went along in my own way.
It was a day I was sure would pay.
A day in January, february,march April or may.
About which I have so many words to write down or say.

The clouds of the day were filled with rain.
That day was pregnant with so much pain.
Because some loved ones were slain.
A day that ended in vain.
A day i searched my heart, soul and brain.
I sought to end my life with disdain.

A day in which….
I couldn’t predict the weather.
I felt as light as a feather.
I had with my friends so much fun.
With downpour and a smiling sun.
I had no buts, whys or whether. So I let ink on paper run.

Its everyday U wake up to life’s test.
When you try to show that you are the best.
U seek food to eat, water to quench thirst.
It is found within me, you or the rest.
You are not the last, neither are the first.
It is today tomorrow or the next.

…..The journey of the rest of your life begins every new day of your life.


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