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Fragments of hope GONE.
Things I wanted DONE.
Pieces of the hourglass BROKEN.
My timepiece was STOLEN.

My heart leaps like a dancer in MOTION.
My head cant find its initial NOTION.
At intervals my lips goes off in HISSES.
Lips i onced used to give KISSES.

My nose crinkles at the smell of my burning OGBONO.
I had gone off thinking once MORE.
I turned down the FIRE.
I resumed my PONDER.

I’m blinded by my ANGER.
fits of rage slowly turning me to a HATER.
I should probably banish my THOUGHTS,
but where would they find eternal REST?
I’ve already gone totally NUTS, confusion finds in my mind a NEST.

If I write my heart out on SAND,
that of course is weak LAND.
The thoughts would be back at HAND,
sooner than magic conjured by a WAND.

If I write my heart on STONE,
i fool myself ALONE.
my heart would be like flesh without BONE.
Left without a support of its OWN.

Am I not a victim of TEMPER,
is it my fault that I’m todays SACRIFICE.
Today I’m the food of ANGER,
brought to its oral ORIFICE.

I myself know there’s no real reason behind my RAGE,
yet I’m hopelessly led to the STAGE, to act out the role I’m ASSIGNED.
Or with my thots I remain CONFINED.

A tiny ant goes about in its busy WAY.
Running around like it has gone ASTRAY.
I finally see a way to vent all of IT,
my feet rises and falls in rhythmic BEAT.

I killed with a deep sense of SATISFACTION.
I laugh because there’ll be no PROSECUTION.
And suddenly I’m DEPOSSESSED,
left alone all by MYSELF.

I look with pity at the broken 2PIECE.
I hope your spirit rests in PEACE.
I’ve just been a victim of ANGER.
One word short of DANGER.

I’m normal me once AGAIN.
Head hung in hands cupping my CHIN.
U hear me laugh without pain.
I’m just another victim.


Comments on: "ANGER" (2)

  1. clapping real hard….well done ma'am…more of this i beg you

  2. I'm smiling real hard. Thanks so much Sam.

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