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It was just a dream, brief moment of PLEASURE,
fallin in love wit u was more like LEISURE,
it felt like it was real, i was so SURE,
i remember times i had SEIZURES,
just thinking of you, deep mental PICTURES,
now I see it wasn’t more than your AWE.

Since u turned me AWAY, i been down in PAIN,
I hav nothin 2 SAY, my head bows in SHAME,
how much i hurt d DAY, i saw ur new DAME,
u said ours didnt PAY, my heart u did MAIM,
it hurts even to PRAY, i wonder if I’m SANE,
I know I fell d wrong WAY, to U it was a GAME.

I’m not askin where it went WRONG,
I dont want to know why it wasn’t LONG,
I’m jez singin this sad SONG,
telling U in my way,SO-LONG,
picking my hearts pieces,i’m GONE,
I’m saying it now, I’m DONE.


Comments on: "A BROKEN HEART." (3)

  1. u r a great writer of poems………….

  2. thanks so much ethanol………….

  3. thanks so much ethanol………….

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