I always have something unimportant to say. This is Artitude…. Live it. Poems….. Stories…. Writing…. Discoveries…. Quotes……

This picture inspired me…the inscription below was “Somebody went and died”. I think I cried when writing this(tho I’m not that emotional). But I’m in luv wit the picture. Drop a comment if you can. *kisses*

Somebody went and died. I couldn’t save him, I was so SHOCKED. Somebody went and died. In my arms, my strenght felt MOCKED. Somebody went and died. Right when they needed him MOST.
Somebody went and died, now he’s heavens HOST….

Tears are dripping from my EYES,
I thot I was a HERO.
I was caught up in my LIES.
So I couldn’t save an innocent SOUL.
I’m caught in a pit of WHY’S?
Because I was so SLOW

I lied to myself that I wasn’t the ONE.
I lied that i couldn’t get the deed DONE.
I was a little too late, he was already GONE. Down my cheeks, my tears slowing RUN…

Somebody went and died, So i’m carrying his cold body in my ARMS.
Somebody went and died, so I’m singing some sad PSALMS.
Somebody went and died…because of my CARELESSNESS.
Somebody went and died…because of sheer SELFISHNESS.

I dont know who did the KILLING.
His blood is still DRIPPING.. The graveyard is YEARNING.. Its newest tenant its CALLING.

The life of a SUPERHERO, some i win some i LOSE. They are all in a death ROW, like condemned SHOES.
Who to save TOMORROW, I have no CLUES. But already in SORROW, I’m singing sad BLUES..

But today…
Somebody went and died.. Head bowed in shame I’m CRYING.. Somebody went and died.. Thats the only thing I’m THINKING.. Somebody went and died..
Natures children are slowly DYING.
So this dedication I am GIVING…..



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  1. Anonymous said:

    muah muah, dats d kiss.
    4 sumone who went and died and made u cry on ur knees
    afta readin dis i cudnt help but exclame waow.
    Thou sumone went and die, my emotions are supposed 2 b low.
    KEEP IT UP. A job well done.

  2. thanks, so much…………… I appreciate, pls who is this?

  3. yournumberonefan. said:

    someone went and died…
    Lil miss attitude went and wrote a psalm about it….
    I went and read it…
    And now i’m mopping tears from my eyes.. No way!, men dont cry!!.. I’m merely sweatin from my eyeballs.
    Its beautifl hun. Pls keep ’em coming

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