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Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine”. The song went off in a low pitched baritone and later turned to a high toned soprano. Wetin person no go see for naija, na wa oh. Na by force to sing?. I was at the car pack one early Tuesday morning,on my way to Enugu,after finally securing a space for my self this monkey,….sorry man was annoying me with his off-key song.
Sorry oh,I know I don’t have a good voice and if I must sing I just hum it ,but this one was murder of the song. I turned back to look at the offending party(at least he was offending me sha) and I frowned my face. The mumu smiled at me and I saw rows of scattered and brown teeth,with a chewing stick in there. Imagine,upon the chewing stick, the teeth still brown,if there wasn’t chewing stick nko?. Me I carried my face away sha, I had sounded my warning. I put my ear piece to my ear and turned the volume to the highest, to prevent my ears from going on vacation all bcos of d guys song. This fine chick entered and sat beside yours truly and I couldn’t’ help admiring her. But on a closer inspection  the gal looked suspicious, like  something out of Wannabe magazine. I resisted an urge to yank off her hair and check if it was a wig. No be me and you go carry curse go Enugu.

Finally,d bus driver entered and after posing for some minutes,he started driving. Trust Ndiigbo,I’m sure u know whats next; prayers. U cant enter a bus connected in one way or the other to the east and not have prayer warriors.  Well yours truly also loves praying so I closed my eyes 4 the 1st prayer by an eldrly man. That one passed,next thing a woman raised praise and worship-I flowed along.  After, Mr O.P(Offending Party) wanted to continue -ha,wahala!, how many prayers. I quickly entered into my spiritual retreats and shouted “In Jesus Name”,said one short,but effective prayer and ended it with “Lord,as this is the last prayer we’ll have in this bus,please hear the prayers that are in the hearts of  the other passengers”. Mr OP didnt say Amen,but mine covered up for his own.  Like magic,everybody stopped trying to be prayer warriors,at least the  praying bug had been closed for a while. As we went on,it was peace and quiet,until we came to a police check point,as usual kola exchanged hands. We saw a bus parkd at a corner &two police men were searching the passengers. Our bus driver casually asked the exchange officer what happened and he was told it was an In-house, sorry In-bus robbery w/o arms. Trust Naijarians,curses started flowing like water though it wasn’t their money(that is if money was stolen at all). “Whose money’,our driver asked. The police officer said it was  the other bus drivers own. Chai,i laughed,no wonder they were searching them like they were about to enter Aso villa. No money for drivers pocket means no money for police man’s socks. LOL………………….. This story will be continued. ;-). Its too long to go into one post. *Kisses*. Drop a comment if you enjoyed this, it wont take a minute.


Comments on: "THE CRAZY ME" (20)

  1. Lol… I got hooked from the first line. Patiently awaiting d sequel… Kudos.

  2. Awwwww, can’t wait for d other part. I dnt like suspense 😦

  3. looool got me cracking up…

  4. iLiveSilent said:

    Lol. “Kola exchanged hands”. Fun story. Some Painful Gbagauns embedded in there tho…

  5. @Rino, dont be sad na. I sent some of the rest to your email. So I want to see U smile now dearie. 😀
    @mjay, U are mys_didie right? Thanks so much dear. :*
    @obi…U, Mr gbagaun finder. In my last post, I put an advert for an editor. U can still apply o. Its never late. Lol. Thanks too. *hugs

  6. Dear readers, Critics, Gbagaun finders, etc its my post, I wrote. Criticize me pls. Tell me where d gbagaun is, I’ll edit it. The option for an editor is still open tho. :-P. Much luv.

  7. Heheehehheeehhehehehehhehehhehehehhee….smart!!!!!….u killed it!

  8. Thanks sweets. U know that this is different from the other blogger right?

  9. Can I Apply As Editor ?

  10. Loved it!!! Couldn’t stop until i had read all of it. Patiently waiting for the rest.

  11. yournumberonefan. said:

    hehehe….. U should’ve seen my friend’s concerned expression as i shook with laughter on my bed.
    Lol.. Even hitler would’ve cracked a smile at dis 🙂
    good story. Errors or no errors.
    Looking foward to d continuation… Which i honestly hope will end with u giving mr OP a ‘peace kiss’. Cos i think dislike and silent beef arent d best qualities of a good xtian…#jst saying# 🙂

  12. …As we went on, ”it was peace and quiet”… I have a problem with that line. Nice story though, suspense is allowed…yaaay, am loving it!

  13. @mynumberonefan Lol. No dislike or Silent beef. Trust me. 🙂 Its just a story, I’m sweeter in real life.

  14. @chexman, thanks dearie :-). And about the phrase ‘peace and quiet’…. Its an idiom meaning tranquility and freedom from disturbance. Whats the problem U have with it dear?

    Stories are very interesting, but this page colour should be changed from this ‘pink’ to something friendly to the eyes

    It disturbs the eyes seriously!!!

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