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After resting to the fullest, we all went into the bus for the last lap of the journey. The guy beside Luma immediately put his head down to sleep. Well personally, I think he was faking it but I don’t blame him, he must have been tired of listening to her many grammatical errors. Behind me, I was hearing the most horrible noises coming from Mr. O.P’s mouth. Yours truly almost cried. If not that this is Nigeria, I would have sued him for… erm… Well I dont know what I would have sued him for.

One by one, the passengers reached their destinations, the guy beside Luma went away. Two guys sitting behind us and a Lady with her daughter in front of us were the only ones left. Lumacinda tried facing me again, but I intentionally turned my face in the opposite direction towards the window. Na by force? She was still on page 126. See this girl wey dey try form. Mtcheew. Smh.

I didn’t really know when we got to Enugu. I’d never been there, but I’ve heard stories. Stories of stealing, kidnapping, and what have you. The driver eased the car into the Motor park and ordered the remaining passengers to “drop here, last bus stop” !!!

You should have seen yours truly clutching her handbag like her heart was in it. I’m sure I looked like a fool, not knowing that the crime rate had been overrated. I went behind the bus to get my traveling bag and promptly sent my uncle a text to tell him where exactly I was in the park. Luma walked up to me to tell me bye. She asked for my number. And I tried to give her my best scowl. I told her ‘no homo’. But she was looking at me with such awe like I had just spoken in tongues. I finally collected hers and told her that I’ll ‘try’ to call. My uncle called to give me directions as to where the car was. As your girl was struggling with her bags, (including the one on my chest), while making my way out of the motor park, Mr O. P suddenly appeared out of nowhere. ‘Beby’ he said with thick Igbo accent, ‘I wanna have a word wita ya’. ‘I hav been admiring U, infact all those songs I was singing were for U’. I couldn’t take it any longer, all the irritation suddenly came to the fore.
‘Bami ri Oloriburuku yi o, Iru oro rada rada lon tie bami so ? Koni da fun aye yin (what is this good for nothing man telling me, it wont be well with your life)’. Not minding the fact that he probably doesn’t understand Yoruba. I continued wit my Obscenities. Now looking back, I’m asking God for forgiveness. The next thing I did was to physically push him out of my way. I stormed off in anger forgetting that I was to meet my uncle. The People who had been watching the scene started laughing. I felt so stupid to be the center of their attraction.

‘NMA….’ I faintly heard my Uncle call my name from a distance. I was brought back to reality. I’m too big to be running for joy now, so I just curtsied with my knees almost touching the ground in the Yoruba way. He asked… ‘Omalicha how was your journey ? ‘. If only he knew !!! ‘Funnily fine’,I said. He looked at me with a confused expression and helped me carry my traveling bag into the back seat and we drove home.

On getting home my cousins and my Aunt hugged me.
We had all missed ourselves. They had been living in Ibadan before their dad was transferred to Enugu. I brought out the galas, cashew nuts, Ijebu garri and what-nots i brought for them. When I thought the excitement was over, my cousins went off again. ‘Martins is back o’. “Who’s Martins ?’ I asked them. ‘Our gateman’,they replied. Then i heard a knock, and a ‘Good evening Madam’. On looking up, guess who I saw ? Ghen Ghen! My mouth automatically formed letter O. Mr O. P was their gateman !!! ….. TROUBLE.. This is where I get to end this story, the matter for ground, e too heavy for my pen.

Moral of this Story: There is no peace for the wicked. Don’t ask me If I’m the wicked person here. Just keep it in mind that a stubborn gateman means no sneaking in after late night parties, no bribery and corruption. X_x. Be nice to others (like me) , so that they’ll be nice to You.


Comments on: "THE CRAZY ME………………3" (8)

  1. Hahahahahahah…small small world mehn

  2. Lol. Yea, its a small world we live in my dear.

  3. yournumberonefan. said:

    pERFECT finish there!!!!!..
    U know, at a point i was begining to think that your story was ‘all over d place’ and was going to be inconclusive, but MY! Did u surprise me!!?…. I hardly get surprised.
    U brought it stronger in d part3 than the second part (which i must confess was sort of a drag halfway, but still good anyway)..
    Keep it up girl & u’ll go places wit d attitude 🙂
    oh!..and, u were wrong.. I think u (had more than one ‘bag’ on ur chest)..#jstsaying# lol

  4. princewill said:

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