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There’s some beautiful music I heard TODAY.
I shook my ‘toys’ subtly as I started to PLAY.
My lips gently let out shouts of gibberish ‘HOORAY’.
My legs also joined in meaningless FORAY.

There’s some beautiful music that drifted to ME. It was filled with sadness and pain and TEArs.
It opened my hearts eyes to SEE.
It sang My insecurities, my greatest FEArs.

There’s some beautiful music I sang ALOUD.
I mimicked Bass and Tenor though I’m ALto.
I sat alone under a clear sky and a single CLOUD.
My left days are void of happiness or SORRow.

There’s some beautiful music I shared to the WORLD.
My hearts funny fantasies I sang OUt.
I sang till my I gradually went BALD.
I sang till I grew from tall to STOUt.

There’s some beautiful music…. I sang till I AGED.
I sang against all of life’s STRIfe
Beautiful beautiful music…. I sang till I got SAGED.
Music holds the key to long LIfe.


Comments on: "MUSIC IS LIFE….." (7)

  1. Wow! Pls God, I want this kinda brain 😦

    Errr…what is ur ‘toys’?

    Nice one BTW. You can’t stop amazing me.

  2. Nice.. You’ll do better ur you concentrate less on rhyming then more on the expression

  3. @coolPrince, I’ll see what I can about that. but the truth is that I dont produce it per se. I just leave it the way it comes out. So if it comes out in rhymes, or if rhymes are the way to put sense into it, then fine.
    @Rinolee, thanks. and actually it is twisted logic. a baby is shaking her toys to the sounds of music. Then to a middle aged person, then to an old person.

  4. Oh! Wow. Love this.

  5. Ahem!…I totally luv it

  6. @TEE_MAGMA said:

    WooooW! Nice write uup Yo! (Y)

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