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In The Spirit of Christmas…

So I know most of you are expecting to see another story about a Journey and a Gateman. Sorry dears, this dry one is for Christmas. You have a chance to stop reading now though.

Everybody is happy, but em this is an Alert. January is just 7days away. Remember January, the brokest Month of the year. Time to start saving for the rainy days huh?

So, In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll be giving out some tips on how to gather manna/money for next year.
For the girls, I know you think you can always get money from your boyfriends. Sorry for you. I read @Terdoh’s post yesterday, telling guys how to avoid girls from now till March(after Valentine). I tell you guys are not smiling, even mine has gone AWOL..
But wait o, smile na, there’s still hope. When last did you go to see that Uncle/that Aunt. Well, the best time to find them at home is early in the morning. Dont stay for too long, and dont forget to add that you’re going to the boutique straight from their house.

For the guys who will try this above, dont eat anything in their house. Long throats, dont fall for that trick o. Just remember that if you dont eat, they’ll feel obliged to settle you for Christmas.

Yea, I almost forgot.. Dont forget to smile when your parents friends come around. Smile real hard, like you’re telling them thank you in advance for your Christmas gift.

And Specially for the guys who like to hang out. Kindly drop the cash at home, take fuel money and drive straight to your friends house. Dont forget that your friend, whose popsy is throwing Christmas party. Yes dear, drinks are for free there. And please avoid every girl, collect her number but call her beginning of March. If they refuse to leave you still, just keep boning. If she asks you whats wrong, tell her ‘Nothing, I’m just referencing the REASON for the Season’. Dont say I didnt warn you.

Em Girls dont forget to hype the amount of money to collect for your hair. If your folks complain, just smile and say “Its in the spirit of Christmas”.

POST-SCRIPT: Strictly for girls though.
A lil birdie told me that you can just walk up to the house of a popular man and claim your uncle used to live there. But pls observe these rules:
1. Make sure you hang around until his car is coming in or going out.(coming in is better tho).
2. Ensure his wife doesn’t catch you. I pity you if she does tho(dear dumb girls).
3. Make sure you’ve not slept with his Gateman before. (Shame no go gree you)
4. When you meet him, keep crying and say you travelled all the way from ‘somewhere’ to see your ‘Uncle’, whose address is his house. In the Spirit of Christmas, may he reward you. {Ugly girls dont try this Please- Rich men are allergic to Your specie}.

I hope I didnt bore you. x_x. Thank me in January. There’s still a lot of other tips, but I’m keeping it till next Christmas if he tarries.

Specially dedicated to all my friends, followers, @christy @Rinolee, @Myk_hel(i see U boo), J3throvic, straight twisted U, Zubair, Terdoo, Wana, Jeff. The list is endless. Gracias Mi amorcitos. Thanks for making my 2011 wonderful, lets do this again next year.


Comments on: "In The Spirit of Christmas…" (12)

  1. goin to ur uncle’s or aunt’s place & not eating seems effective..i’ll take note of that when i turn an Uncle

    • @Prince… Thanks dear. :-D. By then, better scopes would be out.
      @Bigboiler… Sweetie. You’re among them, you should be top of the list sef. We’ll do it again next year. Zubair pls remember to add his name to the list when editing. Much luv.

  2. This should be a sequel to The sirkastik centers post. Word of advice to everyone. Unfortunately for me,i’ve spent so much already. My name is not on the list,so we wont do it next year 😦

  3. Really nice love the sarcasm tho… Good luck to those who will try the posted tips.

  4. Its really nice dear keep it up I really love the sarcasm, goodluck to those of u who try dis tips sha.

  5. LMAO! Cool advice or is it advices? All d same, i most surely ‘ll put most into practice… Cool one gal… Btw, thanks 4 including my name!

  6. Let’s do (this again) next year.

  7. Lool..really nice.

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