I always have something unimportant to say. This is Artitude…. Live it. Poems….. Stories…. Writing…. Discoveries…. Quotes……


hello y’all. I missed you all, or let’s say I missed blogging. School has been hectic. As subsidy waka pass, na by exam things.
Did you notice that the first word I wrote started with a small letter? Odeh! I know you were rushing to read why I hate my school. Mtcheew. Why I hate my school?, I’ve been writing exams for almost a month and its still not finished, that’s like 6weeks to write 7exams. And today they just shifted my Anatomy exam. Well maybe I should be jumping for joy, but I’ve not slept in 3days. I’ve been reading like I was chased……… Plus my 2nd semester lectures have started. And all these means no holiday for me. Why always me? ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ I wonder why the system is like this. Mtcheew. But I still hate my school.

That’s my excuse for not putting any post up since February. Geez! A lot of people have been asking why I’ve not written. Its not that I’m not writing, its that I’m writing school work. Pardon Me. So GUEST WRITERS ARE NEEDED. I’m more into stories, FUNNY stories. Not just stories, posts that are funny. Not to worry, gbagauns are allowed. (Amir I see you). I’m going to put up the part two of ‘NIGHT TIME IS FOR PROWLING’ soon. That’s the last part, so relax.
By the way(and by the bush, for those of you who live in dilapidated areas-Wana’s sub), its not just about the stories. Poems are included too. 2nd semester has started and I foresee another hectic 3.5 months, so I’ll need all hands/hoofs on deck.

I’m boring, I know. I should stop ,I know too. I know. And I hate you too. :p. Okay, in my most serious mood now. I promise to try my best to post at least once a week. Emphasis on least. I missed those who missed me. For those who didn’t; Who are you? Mtcheew Plebeian.

This is not an apology. As a god, I don’t owe you mortals anything. Plus did I cry up there?, your eyes should be cleaned out bruv. Any gbagauns? Eff it mehn. 😐

This can pass for a post right? right? Or are you still waiting for the punchline? Hahaha. In JussBasco’s voice ‘You can’t be serious’.

Moral of this post:
I AM BORED. I want to sub you, but there’s nothing to write.(I just did)


Comments on: "I HATE MY SCHOOL…….." (5)

  1. Errr…….I want to believe the Amir isn’t my own and NO i don’t have the time to write garbage \__

  2. Dis article ehn….Na elele,no startin,no endin,no median gan sef….Hehehe,u try jare….Luv d Jussbasco’s voice part

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