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Hey Hola reader!*sits on stage* I refuse to admit that I’m eating Moin-Moin from a foil, but I’m doing it. Its Awful though, the taste. I don’t even get why I’m doing it…… Mtcheew. Water please!!!.

Here goes…….. I could easily come on here and write about something else, I could crack a dry joke and make my readers laugh at my stupidity and not the joke. Nevertheless I decided to do this, it could pass as a sequel to My Post: The Complexities of life: Here. I have had it for a long time, but I couldn’t find the right words to complete it. Its not perfect, but these are words of wisdom. Read with Care.

Generally, I have learnt some things about life. Well, NO I’m not perfect and I do not have all of earth’s knowledge. But then………..

in life, you’ll meet those who are Arrogant, learn to defend yourself.

you’ll meet those who seem Beautiful, never think of yourself as less.

you’ll meet people with different Characters, remember one thing, be very original.

you’ll meet people who are Deceitful, the solution-be the definition of truth.

your Enemy is not he whom you hate, he is the one you admire.

there are some who will always be Faithful, be good to them too.

you’ll meet the overly Generous, learn when to give in return.

Humans are filled with the Haughty, know how to be indifferent.

sometimes you will meet the Ignorant, teach them when you can.

in life you don’t always find justice, get used to that.
sadly, there are some called Killjoy, remember that happiness is the easiest thing to find.

if you seek for Love, you might get Lust, your heart will teach you good from bad if you are willing.

Money is your greatest friend, all you have to do is work hard.

Never say Never.

Opportunity sometimes comes in through the back door, so try to leave both doors open.

Peace is difficult to keep. It is your personal definition of what gives you satisfaction, guard it jealously.

if you want to be treated like a Queen, you have to act like one. And same goes for Kings.

Rising to fulfillment is different from rising to fame.

Shut Up! Not always though, but do more listening than talking. That way you learn better.

your Talent will bring you before men of great importance, develop it.

the aim of living is not just being the Ultimate, it is living to the Ultimate.

Vanity upon vanity, Life is Vanity. And if you want to know how Vain life is, go here too.

In every competition, strive to Win. And if you cannot, learn from the Winner.

X is a symbol of multiplication, increase your knowledge in every dimension. Learn to learn.

Your life is about You and your creator. No other. Pay no attention to busy tongues.

Zip, Zero, Zilch. You came to earth with nothing. You are leaving with nothing.

*wipes hands on jeans* Yes and btw, This is not how to be a gangster, I just wanted to play with your heads… Mortals. I’ll love to read what you think, so hit the comment box and click on the two boxes below; For when I reply you. Ciao? Yes Bye.


Comments on: "HOW TO BE A GANGSTER." (14)

  1. Maybe eating moin- moin 4rm a foil wasn’t such a bad idea. Anything that cud inspire the kinda deep stuff u just wrote,is a gud thing. Can I have some? I need to write a coupla songs(lol) . Sersly,gr8 post. Shud have been titled ‘How not to be a gangster’. Hahahaha

  2. CoooolNerd said:

    Smart stuff babes….really proud o’ you Hun. :*

  3. emperor_kay said:

    Really, i was expecting something different from these, but all the same a nice piece from you. I have actually learnt from it. Keep it up. (Y)

  4. Lol..so nothin gangaster, stil nice tho. Saving it.

  5. Cool…inspiring shii..

  6. Hmmm………..You forgot to tell people that i wrote this 😦 *snaps fingers* I’ll soon collect my brain from you.

  7. Hmmmmm….Nice

  8. Wat of d sequel to nyt prowlin nah….rodf cryin

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