I always have something unimportant to say. This is Artitude…. Live it. Poems….. Stories…. Writing…. Discoveries…. Quotes……


Hola Readers…

I have returned, how is everybody. Missed me? No? Okay, I don’t care. Lets proceed.


Today is a great day, really. Because I decided to write something that has never been written before, straight from the tips of my fingers. See… as I pour black ink over this white page I want you all to know that, from the bottom of my heart I am genuinely not sorry for not writing anything here for  a long time. I have been doing a lot of stuff, A lot. Including sleeping and adding weight. I have been doing a lot of thinking too. But I missed me writing here. Also, I have changed… and I wont explain.

   I have been considering a challenge, but I realized that real heroes don’t need to prove to their readers that they can overcome a self-set challenge. So I came up with a new task; Delegation, and more Delegation’. I’ve decided never to do any stuff someone else can do for me. Thank You.


My next two posts will probably be from my Friend, ally and semi-editor Jeff, who has been there since I started writing online. Or not…… I’ve become unpredictable these days, even to myself. Thank Me if you eventually read it.

Tomorrow will mark the end and beginning of another year in my Life. I thank God.

Before you go, I need you all to tell or say what you think on this matter; Feminism. Are Men and women equal?



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  1. LOL. Sommeonee said ‘Harsh’ on your TL…I kinda agree.

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