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Well, everybody obviously here we are again. To read another article. Hi, my name is Nma or LaChica Bonita if you wish. I have a little something from @alcoholhero. I hope you enjoy it, although that will certainly do no one good.


*Crack* Chews boiled groundnut and discards pod… *crack* *crack* oh someone is here? Can y’all just pause till I finish the groundnut, its only 4cups…. No? Okay… 


*clears throat* *Cleans Mouth* *drinks water* Errr sorry that’s usually my pre-speech ritual. My friend here asked me to help her with this blog and being her Dark Knight *dodges shoe* am here to her res…*dodges bag* ..cue. Here Goes


*clears throat*


When I was young there were a lot of things wrong but stupidity of the General public wasn’t one of them. *this is no cool story* A lot of things has gone wrong with the society now, and am not here to Judge no one, (with the exception of Charley Boy the Area Father and his Nude Pics) but of all the avenues for an exhibition of stupidity which we also call “Social Media” no one has beat the gross stupidity, and cantankerous foolishness that BC’s has offered in the past 3years since the popularity of blackberries. BC in this case does not mean “Before Christ” as it originally meant before 2009… It means the utter uselessness of “Broadcast Message” which was very well supposed to be BM. (Why it picked up the acronym BC? ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯).


 As much as the broadcast message enables you dissipate information at the snap of your finger tips whether on BBM or whatsapp, it also provides an avenue for you to share your stupidity in the blink of an eye and I trust my generation to make good use of it in this area *hot purple tears*. 

Oh well for those of you that don’t have Blackberry’s on here or don’t use whatsapp, you definitely would have gotten a text message that said “pass this on” to save a life, break a curse, help a blind man see, turn water to wine, fly into the sky or stand the chance to win one million naira or any of that gibberish yep and like we all know, they never worked. You obviously know what am talking about then.


Some months back, I received one of those chain messages that said “blah blah blah, don’t have anything red on you or you will die”. I took a quick pop to my wardrobe and burnt the only red shirt I had (*red tears this time around* (۳º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳ ). Then I looked around and realised my curtains were red, and that might mean my house would collapse so I pulled down my curtains… There, just as I was about to feel accomplished like a boss I remembered my blood is red. Dilemma: should I now commit suicide or drink jik to bleach the blood?  

I just don’t get it, the annoying part of it is that okay we agree the composer of the BC is stupid, but do you also have to be part of the stupid train by forwarding it? It baffles me. 

Then there was the one that was sent to me on mothers day and as usual it was “blah blah blah send this to 10people and watch blessings embarrass your mother, do not break the chain or else you will watch your mother suffer” I immediately pinged the STUPID person that sent it and Told her “awww my baby, may Amadioha strike you and your BB, and may Ogun carry you in his arms to the depths of Hell. There is a common saying: “When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”, a typical example of what happens everyday. 


Next on my list is Twitter, *cracks groundnut* (err sorry I couldn’t resist, its not easy getting into a staring contest with groundnut, I always loose)………………………………..(._. )…………( ._.)…………..( ._. )…..(‘-‘ )…….*cracks groundnut* 


The reigning social network right. You prolly may be among the ones that don’t like it cause its a little to complex with all the #harshtags, @handles, TT’s, FOLLOWERS, abbreviations and blah blah blah, oh well the only thing I would say to you is may your eyes be opened. 

As interesting and time wasting as it can be, i trust my generation to make the most stupidity out of it, I wouldn’t even want to go in to the details of how a Twubby (Twitter Husband) and Twifey (Twitter Wife) will have twisex(Twitter Sex) and give birth to a twichild get in a Twitfyt, then get in twitjail and then get a divorce and end up BLOCKED… Happy Ending!!! 

That’s not as bad as it gets tho the worst of all is the part that people actually buy followers (for those who don’t know, on twitter we are all Evangelists so we have followers). Now how you would actually starve to buy followers over a social network that you get no pay for it just beats me… If there is anything stupider than that on this Earth then… Yet again I wouldn’t be surprised. Like basically you buy followers to get you upto 10000 followers and then in your mind that works as a naïve as that of a Piglet you attain the status of a twit-celeb *deep sigh* I hope one hacker humbly hacks your account and screws you.


Maybe I should quit my ranting here, and I would like to end with this quote 


“Only two things are infinite, The Universe and Human stupidity and am not sure about the former” – Albert Einstein 


*cracks groundnut*



Hey y’all No pun intended. ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ I enjoyed the read.


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