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Fund raising for my Samsung Galaxy Tab

Hello Mortals, today is No Panty Day……… And even though I’m wearing panties,(of course na) I have decided to put up a post. Now please nobody should be so dumb as to ask why today of all days, I’m a woman and by now you all should know we say even the things we’re not asked. Soooooo down to my story oh jare……

For those of you that aren’t on my BBM, your girl wants to buy a Samsung galaxy oh.

So today is world panty day and my friend and I decided to go visit another friend and friend, now how we got there isn’t important but when i got there i saw a Samsung galaxy tab on the couch. (ghen ghen?) In-case you dunno, its a phone; An Android phone and i know many of you haven’t seen it, so please nobody should give me the Nma-is-a-bush-girl look.
After famzing small, I picked up the phone and Bam! I’m on the net. At this juncture I must say hat the phone is tight. There’s no site I’ve not opened today oh, I made sure I went to all the blog sites I’ve abandoned:…. Including mine. Went to Terdoh’s Blog, Wana’s 360nobs One on One with Celebs(celebs ko.), will visit The Joker, Saka and some other blogs soon. If I didn’t abandon your blog, then today is not your lucky day. Well this som’tin doesn’t have spell check oh, or maybe I haven’t found out where it is yet….. It keeps switching my I with O, but that’s not a problem; its still an awesome phone. The owner hasn’t really figured out how to use it yet, so he’s not disturbing me yet. Of course the owner is a guy, females are almost too vain to have this kind of phone.

So the issue is that I need to buy this Samsung Galaxy tab. And I need your donations, Please I am extremely serious. If u have any rich brother or Uncle that will buy it for me without having to be ‘Simbi the runs girl’, please indicate and help a sister in need. And if you think you would.love to donate to my cause add me up on BBM(and don’t forget to tell me where you got my pin); 31199a2c.

I’ve been wondering what the problem with Nigeria is, why wasn’t this phone produced by one of us, Why wasn’t Steve Jobs a Nigerian. Is it that we lack brains over here or that the system doesn’t give us good opportunities to showcase our talents. Just what exactly?

Anyway this is two days later, that’s to show you how busy I am. I couldn’t finish the post on there because something more important came up. Don’t forgive me. (I really couldn’t be bothered). And I think I have forgotten all the awesome things I wanted to say about the phone. Now since I have succeeded in ranting and raving. Its time for all of you to find your way out of here, the same way you came. I’ll be putting up a sensible post up soon.


PS; I’m too tired to check for corrections, as I said earlier I’m busy.



@homeschooldnerd walks into protest hall, as noisy as a market place. Mtcheew! She picks gavel and hits it hard on the table(yes table). Everybody turns in surprise, and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, here is my speech…….

Good morning y’all. I’m saying these cos I’m sick and tired of seeing dumb pictures/comments and jokes of Mister President and this Subsidy Ish. Oh and by the way. Good afternoon or evening to the potential late comers.

If u ask an average Nigerian ‘What is Subsidy?‘ The answer would be something close to: ‘Its what we want our president to return to its rightful place‘. Then they would proceed to tell you how selfish and corrupt our leaders are and why we must protest. And in case u didn’t get what I was implying, then you’re just as ignorant. That is obviously not the definition of subsidy. And I won’t tell you, google it.
Let me cut the crap, straight to the point.
————– ————- ———— ————- ————- ———–

By now, you probably think I’m pro-subsidy. I’m not, infact I’m just sitting on the fence watching the two sides. But I have issues with some of the anti-subsidy ppl. You don’t know what you’re fighting against, you’re totally ignorant about the issue, so why are you fighting?
You know, I hear people say our government is selfish, okay agreed, they are. But what about you? How selfless are you? Your everyday life is a just series of selfish actions and then you open your mouth to say our government is selfish. How won’t they be? When majority of the people they serve are selfish too.

Before you point fingers, make sure your hands are clean, because when you point, 3 fingers are directed towards you. I’m not saying removal of subsidy is right (sigh), all I’m saying is that the change begins with you. Its an individual thing, learn to stand for the right thing is your own little world. You might not be caught doing bad, but one day it will all come caving in on you.

#occupyNigeria is not all words, but real and positive action. I hear some ppl get drunk at protest grounds, and use it as an opportunity to showcase their irresponsible behavior. Thumbs up, GEJ will listen to you, you hear? Just wait. :-/ idiots.

I know some few responsible people people who know what they are fighting for. Thumbs up to you guys, may the lord Strengthen you.

But then, I know many irresponsible people who don’t know what they are fighting for. All they do is Merde. You know yourselves, Its either you sit your asses down at home and let the elders work or you educate yourselves. Don’t worry, God will make you bigger.

‘Nuff said. Drops Mic.

Posted by @homeschooldnerd.