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The Loner

Hello, people of the world which is about to end.

Surprised at my entry? I’m sure most of us would have heard the gist by now that our dear and sweet planet earth will be imploding on the 21st of this month. i hope you guys are preparing to meet your maker.

well, before that time, we have 16 more days to update our blogs, and have as much fun as we like while doing so. so let’s enjoy this piece called The Loner. if you didn’t enjoy it…you’re free to sue me.


The world has abandoned me. No one cares anymore.

They all hate me. They despise me.

They treat me like a plague.

I have no meaning, no importance amongst them.

They all go about their daily lives…oblivious to my existence.

It is as if i am wearing an invisibility cloak, like the type worn by Harry Porter.

But his could be removed…while mine cannot.

Nobody cares about me…I have no Father, or Mother.

Nor brother, or sister.

No lover. No friend.

Just one lone soul existing upon the face of the earth.

I was born alone, and yes… I will die alone.

I will be buried alone. I cannot share my coffin with another body.

I cannot share my being with any other.

They all are enemies to me.

They all hate me, and i hate them in return.

I loathe their existence.

I wish for them to suffer…

Even much worse pain than this one that engulfs me from within

I want to see their tears…

As they wail, and weep… and gnash their teeth

All these years, i have suffered in silence.

I have been abandoned since birth,

And left to face the wrath of the world all by myself.

No one to care, or to show me love.

I have heard of that feeling…

But my soul is an alien to its meaning.

I am void. Empty.

Yet i am filled with darkness, and hatred, and fear…

Fear… that a day will come,

when I will no longer exist as a being.

And my spirit will wander… to the ends of the earth

In search of true companionship

But will find none… still.


this sad piece was written by @ManickaL