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No. I’m not going to cry.
Yes. I mean I’m going to try.
Mixed Feelings, 2011 and me.
Of all I learnt to be.
I learnt how to be me.
I learnt to open my eyes and see.

So everybody has a story to write for you, but I’m doing this as a tribute to you dear 2011. As you lie on your death bed, all I can say is thank you.

I wanted to ignore the fact that you were going, but my frail heart wouldn’t let that happen.

This is the most spontaneous I ever did this year. To write at the touch of my keypads.

2011 promoted me. It opened my eyes to new meanings to the world. It gave me struggles and showed me that I’m limitless.

It blessed me with New friends, deeper reflections. Furthermore, this was the year I put my all into writing. Despite the odds and the no-time situations in School. This was the year I discovered I was poetically inclined. This year I learnt to believe in Me. In everything I did. The Mistakes, The Embarrassments, The Lovely times. My friend’s wedding. Learning how to be selfless for others.

I really hope no one gets to read this. The thoughts of me with Mixed feelings are nothing good for your intellect. Its only for 2011.

Finally. I’m at peace. I can let you go without regrets.

Its Twelve… So HAPPY NEW YEAR mi Amigos.