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THE MORNING AFTER (Sequel to ‘Night Time is for Prowling’)

Hola mi amigos, this is the sequel to ‘Night Time is for Prowling’. If you enjoyed laughing at me in the former, you’ll enjoy this.
Here’s the link for the first part of it: NIGHT TIME IS FOR PROWLING
We were shocked. Chisom and I that is.

I was staring stupidly at the pair of big red sneakers behind a stack of books as I knew Chisom was staring at the notepad I had handed her a few seconds earlier. But I was not even in the room at that point.

I was remembering staring at the same pair of sneakers as our assailant had shouted and threatened us before walking to his car and driving off. I remember the humiliation I felt as I wet myself out of fear…and a red curtain of rage descended on my brain.

“Juliet?” Chisom said, sounding scared. She knew well enough how I got whenever I was angry…and at that moment I was murderously angry.

“Juliet, please don’t lose control,” she pleaded with me. “There must be an explanation…”

I turned on her furiously. “Of course there must be! He’s your brother isn’t he?”

Chisom looked hurt. “No…that’s not why, and you know that. That guy from last night just did not seem like Junior. Mask or no, I would think I’d recognize my own brother that up close.”

That stopped me. It was true. Even though I did not know Junior that much, I wasn’t convinced it was him that had been on the road last night. The size and voice just did not fit. However…

“Maybe that’s true, but even you can’t deny he must know something. The shoes…the notepad? He must know something!”

Chisom nodded, looking unhappy. “I don’t know what’s going on, but Junior will – should soon be back. He’ll explain things then.”

Despite Chisom’s confidence, it was almost three hours before we heard Junior stop the car outside. She jumped up nervously and went to stand by the door. I remained by the table, carrying one of the red sneakers. Some seconds later began to hear voices, and Chisom looked at me wonderingly. I just shrugged.

Moments later the door opened and in came Junior, talking over his shoulder to a guy who was much taller than he was. As soon as they were both in the room, Chisom quietly shut the door and leaned against it. I mentally applauded her.

“Hey…what…” Junior began, and then he looked up and saw me. “What are you guys doing my room? Chisom?”

She did not answer. Neither did I. I was watching the guy behind Junior. He looked back at me, looking very handsome with one eyebrow raised but I was not seeing any of that. Instead I was seeing someone who was wearing a mask, commanding my friend and me to do humiliating things…

“Junior, whose sneakers are those?” I heard Chisom ask from her position at the door. Junior frowned and stepped towards me, looking at the shoe I was carrying.

“Why do you want to know? First of all you shouldn’t be in my room…” I interrupted.

“Just answer the question, Junior. It’s important.”

Junior was trying to make up his mind when his friend spoke from over his shoulder, “those are mine. And yes; I was the one who stopped you guys last night.”

Even if I was not sure before hearing his voice confirmed it for me. His calm infuriated me and I hurled the sneaker I was still carrying at his head. As he calmly knocked it aside I made ready to throw myself at him.

In all the confusion, I didn’t realize Chisom had left her position by the door and was standing next to me. The first clue I had about her presence was a pair of hands that wrapped themselves around me; effectively immobilizing me. I looked at my friend Chisom through eyes that were ready to stream tears of rage and frustration, but she was not looking at me. Instead she was staring at Junior’s friend.

“But why?” she asked him, pain clear in her voice. “What did we ever do to you?”

I saw Junior from the corner of my eye; looking like a chicken that had suddenly been drenched in water. His mouth was open, and he kept alternating between staring at us and staring at his friend.

“You better close that mouth before a fly makes a home of it,” I said dryly, and then laughed as he snapped his mouth shut.The sight was so…I could not stop laughing. Junior looked at me strangely, and then he too started laughing. Before long the small room was filled with sounds of our laughter as Chisom and our handsome ‘abductor’ joined in.

Finally Chisom wiped the tears from her eyes and asked him; “you still haven’t answered the question. Why?”

Grinning widely, our ‘abductor’ responded. “You know you guys are quite the neighborhood showoffs, and besides it really isn’t safe getting out at the time you guys do. I just took the opportunity to kill two birds with a stone.”

He finished, looking quite pleased with himself.

I was a bit angry. “You idiot. Whatever did you do with the video?” I asked him rudely.

Junior answered. “Are you talking about this video?”

I swung around to see him brandishing an iPhone; the same one with which our humiliation was recorded the night before. I dashed at him and made to grab it but I missed. He laughed, and then I heard a voice saying ‘please please’.

My voice.

I covered my face in embarrassment, but Chisom, silly girl went to her brother and started watching the video with him. “Juliet, come and watch this stuff. It’s hilarious!”

I was not going to budge – that is, till ‘abductor’ grabbed my arm and gently pulled me to Junior’s side of the room. And I hate to admit it; but the video was funny. I started watching at the part where Chisom and I were dancing to no music. Watching the way we were moving and the looks on our faces; I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing.

As the video played to the end, I quickly grabbed the phone and ran towards the door. ‘Abductor’ got there first and grabbed me, but not before I deleted the video. Junior quickly came up and grabbed the phone…looking dismayed as he could not find the video, but the dude’s unruffled demeanor bothered me.

As Chisom, still laughing took her brother away and I opened the door to go upstairs, I leaned in close and asked ‘abductor’; ‘That’s the only copy you had, right?’

He grinned and mouthed one word ‘youtube’.
Lmfao. I’m laughing at myself. My story.
All thanks to Seun Odukoya, he writes for me and is an editor and special friend. Join him at Naija Stories Much luv dear.

Here’s the first part again: NIGHT TIME IS FOR PROWLING
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